Feb 9, 2017

Breed: Staffy mix Size: Medium Age: 10 +  
Contact: Melrose,
Activity: Low to moderate


Thank you for considering an ARF dog. Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

Austin is assessed as being in the Gold category in our Perfect Match system and is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and available for $150 (incl GST)


Austin is a delightful older gentleman that has been a joy to have in foster care! Despite his gray muzzle he is a bright, friendly, and sprightly bloke that loves soaking up any and all pats that come his way. He has been a great friend to his foster sibling (a golden retriever) and has a lovely calm and relaxed nature around other dogs.


Austinsmilefront - 1

Austin still very much has a spring in his step and while he is reportedly over 16 years old, he carries himself with an air of a much younger pooch. He’s been a wonderful companion to have around and we’re sure he’ll brighten up your home with his gorgeous staffy smile and willingness to please!

Austinsideface - 1

In addition to his general “Viva la vida”, Austin has frequently demonstrated his keen sense of smell and hearing – simply open a bag of Twisties and you are sure to have Austin instantly by your side! He is also a very conscientious dog. For example, if you get up from your seat on the sofa he will happily keep your spot warm for you (you don’t even need to issue a command!). He’ll also gladly assist in helping you keep your New Year’s resolutions, be it helping with your diet by staring up at you with doughy eyes until you give him some of your dinner, or keeping your new exercise regimen on track by reminding you when it’s time for a walk.

Seat getting cold?

Seat getting cold?

Austin will suit a range of homes and would be happy living out his twilight years either as an only dog or with a doggy friend. He’s proven to be an adaptable dog, slotting into his foster home with ease. His ideal home is one where he will receive lots of attention and be treated as an integral part of family life. Austin would, however, love to have access to both indoors and outdoors throughout the day, as he can get a bit worried if left outside on his own for long periods. A doggy friend would definitely be a bonus for those that work through the day, otherwise he would love to help his new family out with their daily routine if they were home during the day.

Walkies are a dog's best friend!

Walkies are a dog’s best friend!

While he’s currently in great condition (causing us to exclaim “16?!?! Really???”), he is clearly no spring chicken. He will therefore need a home that’s prepared to provide the care and support that an older dog will inevitably require as they continue to age. His beautiful nature, gorgeous smile, and loyal companionship will undoubtedly repay that investment many times over :)

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If you think that Austin is the addition your home has been longing for then we’d love to hear from you to discuss some more! Please send through an email and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can.


Gold Dogs

Nov 20, 2011

goldGold dogs in this category are generally more easy-going but may require some basic training. They do not have high activity requirements and Gold dogs will usually adjust quickly to a new home making great pets for people with families or busy lives.

A Gold dog may suit you/your family if you:

* have children of any age in your home

* are seeking a medium or large dog but you have a small yard

* have another dog in your home

* are looking for your first dog

* are looking for a dog that can adapt quickly and easily with minimal training at home or at a local dog club if required

* only have time to exercise your dog outside the home 3-4 times per week

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