Bud and Karma

Feb 5, 2017

Breed: Interesting assortments Size: Medium Age: about 11 years  
Contact: Denise, deeell1967@gmail.com
Activity: low to moderate

Thank you for considering an ARF dog. Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

Karma and Bud are assessed as being in the Silver category in our Perfect Match system and microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and available  for $300 (incl GST) as a double act .


Karma and Bud are a bonded pair of older dogs. Please note these two will only be re-homed together.

Snuggle bunnies

Snuggle bunnies

When you were younger (or maybe you are lucky still), were you blessed to have a Nanna and Pop who loved you and loved each other?
Grandma and Poppy?
Granny and Grandpa?
Nonna and Nonno?
Oma and Opa?

Teta and Seedo?

Yaya and Pappous?

This Odd Couple are like warm, loving and gentle grandparents. Supportive, wise and loving to each other and to everyone around them. Karma like the larger watchful Nan and Bud is her faithful sidekick Pop, always at her side supporting her. They look adoringly at each other and just belong together.

Past the puppy stage, these kind and gentle dogs still love and enjoy life and have lots of affection to give.

Karma and Bud’s vet work is now complete and they have the Vet’s ‘all clear’ to get on with being adopted. Both have fully recovered from being desexed. Bud had a manky tooth removed. Bud no longer marks inside – so I am delighted both are house trained!

Karma has lost most, if not all of her old coat, and she is growing a shiny black coat. Clever Bud has taught himself to use the dog door when necessary. (Karma is too big! so I have to leave the door open for her.)

Both are getting on and being respectful to the resident house cat. All peacefully sleep in the same room and Karma and Bud are no longer excited when puss comes on walkies with us twice a day.

Gentle, relaxed and calm, these two rarely bark. Karma and Bud remain affectionate to each other, to humans, other critters on walks, and my resident oldie dogs. They sleep well, travel in the car well, and are easy to walk on a lead. Even a primary school-aged child could manage them on walkies (in the presence of a grown up). Both are beautiful, dignified creatures, who are a joy to have around and are easy to love.

Could you open your heart to an Odd Couple?
If you would like to offer a home to or simply find out more about this instant doggie family please email their carer with information or questions.

Dancing' Diva

Dancing’ Diva


Tall boy?

Tall boy?


Hot dog?

Hot dog?

Small Hot Dog

Small Hot Dog