COMPLETED: Puppy surrendered at Q/beyan vets, company for other family dogs

Oct 20, 2017

2020 ARF Best Friends Calendar

Oct 21, 2019

calendar poster

Get your Calendars 

Calendars will be available for $10 each at our upcoming stalls (see Events Page for details), our ARF vets and at the Dickson Tradies.

Alternatively, you can order and collect your Calendars in North or South Canberra by emailing ARF Calendars

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ARF is in the process of updating our website so please excuse both the label on the button describing your purchase as a “Ticket” and at the checkout the description as a ticket in the calendar raffle and be assured that you are in fact buying an ARF calendar which will be sent to you within 2 days of payment.

Contact us at ARF with any queries on any aspect of the online ordering.


2019 RSC Newsletter – August 2019

Aug 20, 2019

Hi Foster Carers,

Apologies for the long silence, we have been very busy in the background but it is time we told you all what we are doing.

Our focus has been finalising a framework to use when difficult dogs come into ARF, updating of documentation and forms on the Volunteers’ Library (VL), and of course working on the new fosterdogs website which we hope will be live in about 3 months.

We have had new foster carers join us in 2019, welcome to you, the more carers we have, the more dogs we can save.   If you have a friend or hear of someone who is interested in hearing about foster caring, please let us know so that we can follow up and invite them to the next foster carer session

The Rescue SubCommittee’s (RSC) membership has changed over the past year,  it now comprises

Helen Shannon, Chair
Lyn Boyer, Queanbeyan & Yass Liaison
Emma Benedetti, DAS Liaison
Karina Peck, Goulburn Liaison
Ruth Underwood, Puppy Coordinator
Kathleen Rampant, ARF Community facebook administrator
Vicky Chan – Administration
Sue Robinson

All RSC members are ARF foster carers.

The RSC was set up to deal with the day to day activities relating to foster carers and foster dogs.  It makes recommendations to the Committee on ARF policy and procedures relating to foster carers and foster dogs.  Its portfolio includes foster carer support, approval of new foster carers, foster carer training and education, mentors, foster carer documentation, pound liaison, behavioural assessment, dog wanted forms, dog transport, private rehoming including surrenders and support.

As you can imagine, eight of us is not enough so RSC is looking for more members as there is a lot needing to be done.  If you are interested, please email RSC for more information

ARF has 3 to 4 training sessions a year, free for foster carers.  Two fantastic training opportunities earlier this year, organised by Jill who was the ARF Training Officer, were a full day workshop by Andrew Clark of Top Dog, and a Bravery Seminar by Birdy O’Sheedy of Paws in Life Coaching.  Both were well attended and the information imparted by the presenters was very relevant to ARF foster carers.  Please make the most of this ARF training by coming to as many sessions in the future as possible.

In April 2019 the ‘Dealing with Difficult Dogs Framework’ was circulated to all foster carers for comments.  The final document has now been added to the VL in Resources/Foster Carer documentation

Lyn and Wendy have lots of donations if you are short of something.  Email Wendy on for southwide Canberra or Lyn on Email for northside Canberra.  If you are not able to ‘pick up’ then they can organise delivery. Wendy has organised heaps of ‘stuff’ to be stored with Kaye at Florey and a delivery can be organised so please request a delivery if you ae unable to pickup yourself.

And finally, some reminders:

  1. There are some new forms in the VL under Foster Carers’ documentation including forms to use when requesting approval to foster a dog – Application-to-Foster-a-Dog, and Application to Foster a Surrendered Dog
  2. When you pick up your new foster, please let know the date the dog arrived in your home
  3. Send the microchip number to as soon as you know the microchip number
  4. Send the dog’s profile to by the end of the 2 week quarantine period unless there are health or behavioural issues.  We can add the profile as ‘coming soon’ so you don’t need to give many details.  Any website problems, let know that too.  Foster dogs should be advertised on the website before being rehomed unless there is a specific reason that this shouldn’t happen.
  5. Please let your mentor and know if you have any issues with your foster so we can organise some assistance for you
  6. A new ARF membership form is on the VL in Resources/ARF Forms due to the ARF membership fee changing from $15 to $0.  This form can be used for new owners when they adopt an ARF dog. All ARF Memberships are now free.
  7.  If you take your foster to a vet that doesn’t bulk bill ARF, the maximum reimbursement will be $280.  Much easier to use the bulk bill ARF vets so you don’t have to worry.

All the above information is also in the Foster Carers’ Information Manual on the VL.  Any problems with fostering please contact your Mentor or RSC

Rescue SubCommittee

ARF All Members Update – July 2019

Jul 15, 2019

Dear ARF Members

As we look forward to Spring I wanted to give you another 2019 update on the important work of ARF.   ARF has always been about rescuing and rehoming dogs – and we continue to work tirelessly to achieve this.  Everything we do at ARF is focused on the dogs.

Thus far this year we have rescued 59 dogs.  This is a number of which we are immensely proud.   We couldn’t do this without our wonderful foster carers and our fantastic vets.

Now to update on a couple of key ARF activities.

We have just run three very successful stalls, the Million Paws Walk, a Pooch Affair and Christmas in July.

All very important in getting the ARF message out.  Again thanks to all the volunteers who helped make these days a success.

We are nearing the time of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) – where has the year gone?   The AGM will be held on Monday 25 November 2019 at the Dickson Tradies.  You will receive an official notification of the AGM on Monday 14 October 2019.   If you are interested in nominating to be on the Committee, nominations will need to be lodged by 1 November 2019.  As I have said before we are always encouraging members to nominate.

The Committee comprises four office bearers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and no less than 4 and no more than 6 ordinary Committee members.

As I have mentioned before, we have current vacancies on the Committee.  The Vice President, Jill Craven, resigned in February 2019 and this position is not yet filled.  Pleasingly our call for volunteers saw Bill Marshall join the Committee, bringing us to five ordinary members.

So please consider joining the Committee!

All positions are considered vacant at the AGM so you can nominate for any position you think you can best add value.

Our current and long-standing, Treasurer Dianne Heriot, has indicated she will not be re-standing.  Dianne has made an amazing contribution to ARF and kept our books in order and has steered us to a stable financial footing – she will be extremely difficult to replace – but I am sure there is a member who will have skills that could assist.

The ARF Trivia night is nearly upon us!  It will be held on Saturday 21 September 2019, at 7pm at the Belconnen Labor Club.  If you go to the ARF Website you can purchase tickets online – or click on this link

I look forward to seeing you there – it’s always a lot of fun!

Until next time


Wendy Parsons

ARF President


Dec 31, 2018

ACT Rescue and Foster Inc. (ARF)



Results of the AGM held on Monday  25 November 2019 are as follows:

2019/20 – ARF Committee

President:  Kathleen Rampant
Vice-President:  Emma Benedetti
Treasurer:  Trish Holden
Secretary:  Susan Black 

General Committee Members

Wendy Parsons
Tess Kent – Web Manager
Helen Shannon – Chair Rescue SubCommittee
Di Johnstone – Public Officer
Bill Marshall
Amy Smith


ARF Structure as at 1 May 2019


As the year moves on and we enter into the beautiful season of a Canberra Autumn I’m pleased to provide you with our latest ARF happenings.

Foster caring
A reminder of our ARF aims and objectives.   ARF aims to save and improve the lives of dogs in the Canberra region, as well as in surrounding regions, including metropolitan and regional Sydney, by:

  • rescuing and re-homing as many unwanted dogs as possible
  • educating the community about responsible dog companionship
  • working with local pounds to help achieve, develop and implement minimum destruction policies and procedures, and
  • establishing and developing networks of communication for people involved in rescuing and re-homing dogs

Foster carers are at the heart of what we do – they (and this could be you!) are absolutely critical to us achieving our aims and objectives.   If you or anyone you know is interested in fostering – please get in touch with us by emailing

All dogs are assessed before they come into care with ARF. Every week we have assessment teams at Canberra’s Domestic Animal Services and the Queanbeyan pound.   We test in regional pounds also if we rescue from these pounds.  We then do our very best to get the best match between the foster carer and the dog.

Another call for volunteers!
You will recall in February’s update we called for people to think about nominating for the ARF Committee and subcommittees.

Well – we still need you!

There are vacancies on the ARF Committee and two to three additional committee members would be a great addition to the team.

As I mentioned also in my February update, the Committee had feedback from some members who felt that membership of subcommittees needed to be more diverse and include fewer Committee members.  The Committee did not disagree and we implemented immediately that the three current ARF Subcommittees will include less than 50% membership from the Committee.  We put a call out for volunteers for the Rescue, Communication and Governance Subcommittees.  We know people are busy – but I can assure you the subcommittees are not too onerous and are a super way to learn the workings of ARF.   While we wait to see if we can get some additional volunteers we will suspend the Governance subcommittee and focus on volunteers for the Rescue and Communication subcommittees.

It’s easy to get in touch – just email

Our supporters
We continue to be very lucky with our supporters – particularly our vets and I want to pay tribute to the great help and support they give us.   The list of our wonderful vets is here

Just by way of an update, as I mentioned last update SavourLife and Petbarn launched a national campaign raising funds for dog rescue during February. Petbarn stores in the ACT nominated ARF as the rescue group to receive funds.  I’m delighted to report that we have received $7,500 from this initiative.  A wonderful injection of funds to help us with our work.

ARF Membership
Currently we charge a $15 membership fee.  There is quite a lot of administration around collecting this fee, and it’s sometimes an impediment to people joining.  We would rather have more members to get our message out than the small amount we gather from the membership fee.  So from 1 July 2019 we will have no memberships fees – please encourage your friends and family to join us!

Website – Exciting developments
Lastly, we are well on the way to finalising our new look website.  We cannot wait till this goes live – the new look and functionality will make such a difference and allow us to promote our dogs in a far more user-friendly way.   We will also take the opportunity to look at our policies and make sure these are easy to find (and read!); and look at where we might need to develop new policies to ensure the continued good governance of our organisation. For example we don’t currently have a policy for when people provide us with feedback – a policy that notes what we do with the feedback and timelines for people to expect a response.

As you can see there is a lot happening.

Meanwhile enjoy walking your dog(s) in the beautiful Canberra weather and experiencing the glorious colours during Autumn.

Wendy Parsons
ARF President
ACT Rescue & Foster Inc (ARF)


On 4 February, the Committee endorsed the attached letter to Chris Steele MLA, seeking a more effective approach to desexing DAS dogs.  To view the letter click here

The ARF Strategic Plan 2019 has now been finalised.  To view the plan, click here 


Results of the election for the ARF Committee were:

President: Wendy Parsons
Vice President: Jill Craven
Treasurer: Dianne Heriot
Secretary: Susan Black
General Committee Members: Tess Kent, Yana Del Valle, Karen Swan, Helen Shannon,
Di Johnstone, Joyce Webb

(NOTE: Joyce Webb, Karen Swan  and Jill Craven have since resigned from the ARF Committee)

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