2019/20 – ARF Committee

President:  Kathleen Rampant
Vice-President:  Vacant
Treasurer:  Trish Holden
Secretary:  Susan Black

General Committee Members

Wendy Parsons: Chair Communication SubCommittee
Tess Kent:  Web Manager
Helen Shannon:  Foster Carer Coordinator
Di Johnstone:  Public Officer
Bill Marshall

2018/19 Rescue SubCommittee (RSC)

Helen Shannon: Foster Carer Coordinator
Karina Peck:  Goulburn Pound Liaison
Ruth Underwood:  Puppy Coordinator
Kathleen Rampant:  Admin ARF Community Page
Lyn Boyer:  Qbn/Yass Pound Liaison
Sue Robinson
Roslyn Peacock
Karen Swan

2018/19 Communication SubCommittee (CSC)

Wendy Parsons:  Chair
Sarah Rullis
Adele Morton
Kathleen Rampant
Joh Dunn

Governance SubCommittee (GSC) – to be reformed in 2020

2019 Governance Manual

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