Perfect Match

ARF has developed the perfect match system to make it really easy for you to find the best dog for you and your family.

Each dog that comes into foster care is temperament tested and assessed against some basic criteria. The dogs are then grouped into one of three categories, with each category being represented by a colour:


Dogs in this category are generally more easy-going but may require some basic training. They do not have high activity requirements and Gold dogs will usually adjust quickly to a new home making great pets for people with families or busy lives.
A Gold dog may suit you/your family if you:
* have children of any age in your home* are seeking a medium or large dog but you have a small yard

* have another dog in your home

* are looking for your first dog

* are looking for a dog that can adapt quickly and easily with minimal training at home or at a local dog club if required

* only have time to exercise your dog outside the home 3-4 times per week


Dogs in this category will need some basic obedience training (especially if you have children), will need daily exercise and will generally need time to adjust to your new home. You may need to train your new silver dog not to jump up for example, or pull on the lead.

A Silver dog may suit you/your family if you:-
* are willing to provide training to a dog as soon as it comes into the home, especially if  you have children

* are able to provide daily exercise outside the home

* have owned your own dog before (not a childhood family dog)

* are willing to go to obedience club if required

* may have another dog in your home

* are willing to allow your new dog time to settle into the home and understand the dog may need to be trained not to jump up, pull on the lead etc.

Puppies are placed in this category.
Puppies are like children; without the correct training and socialisation they can develop behaviour issues, so we are looking for dedicated, committed owners willing to take on our puppies and provide them with ongoing training into their adulthood. We want puppies to be allowed to come inside and to play an integral part in the family.

To help new puppy owners with training and socialisation skills, all ARF puppies come with a $100 contribution towards a puppy training course included in the adoption fee.


Dogs in this category have sound temperaments but will have some quirks that need ironing out by their new family. Bronze dogs are usually active and require daily training and guidance by their new owner. Bronze dogs may be dogs that have had a difficult start in life as they may have never received any training, been neglected, under socialised or even abused. Bronze dogs can also be some of the most rewarding dogs to adopt.

A Bronze dog may suit you/your family if you:

* have access to and are willing to seek professional training advice if required (such as one on one training)

* have solid 5 foot minimum fences

* can provide daily exercise and daily training for your new dog

* have owned more than one dog before or completed training with previous dogs

* have another dog in your home that has no behaviour problems

* do not have young children in your home

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