Bindi is a cute little girl who typical of the Frenchie breed looks somewhere between a wombat and a gargoyle.  She is a lovable girl who seems to capture the adoration of all that meet her. But don’t be fooled LOL behind that cute exterior is a lively and cheeky character that looks to provide clown-like entertainment and mischief.  Bindi loves being with her other foster Frenchie family and gets along well with them.  While she is generally friendly and playful with other dogs, she is however reactive if a situation arises and therefore will only be rehomed with a submissive and easy-going canine friend. She will not be rehomed as an only dog. Bindi came into care when her elderly owner was unable to care for her.  We discovered that Bindi had patella issues in her back legs and has had surgery on one and shortly will be going in for surgery on the other leg.  This will make sure that she can live into her senior years with fewer challenges with arthritis and motion in general. Bindi will be available for rehoming once she has recovered from her impending surgery.  Before enquiring about adopting a French Bulldog, please do plenty of homework on the breed as they require careful management around health, diet, heat, and cold.