Animal ID No: ARF649
Rescue Date: 2 January 2021
Adopted Date: 31 January 2021

A big softie in search of All of The Cuddles.

Beau loves being with his peeps, especially if they’re inside. He is ok spending time outside while his peeps are out, but he does love his inside time and couch permissions with peeps who are around a bit, would be his idea of bliss!

Beau has shown very little prey drive, so he could live happily with other animals. However, we haven’t tested him with cats just yet.

His play style is pretty rambunctious, so if he is going to live with another dog, they would need to play the same. He’ll play with his toys by himself, but won’t retrieve or play tug. However, he does love a good hand to paw rumble with his peeps. His play style means he’s best suited to being around older kids.

This gorgeous bloke’s only real fault is that he does haul on the lead, but is treat focused and responding to training. He loves a daily walk or two and would need a home that is willing to continue working with him and providing consistent rules.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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