Animal ID No: ARF275
Rescue Date: 22 December 2019
Adopted Date: 19 January 2020

Bert is brought to you by the letter B!

B is for bold as once he finds his bearings he becomes a bold boy that is comfortable and confident to see new things.

B is for beautiful, but not only is he beautiful to look at with his stunning green eyes but he loves nothing more than cuddling up laying his head on his chest and looking up at you and making your heart melt. In fact that’s one of his best talents and most in endearing qualities.

B is for bossy as he is still living with his sibling Ernie and four other dogs there are times with the younger dogs that he does have a little bit of a bossy nature, this is easy to stop and he learns quickly however if left to his own devices he could become a bit of a bully.

B is for boorish as currently due to his prior living conditions food was a very high currency and he most certainly had to battle for what he got. Because of this he eats as fast as possible as he is always concerned that he never knows where the next meal is coming from. We are slowly teaching him manners around his food bowl and manners when taking treats in training but unfortunately at this stage as he’s only been in care for a couple of weeks, he still becomes a little frantic when he thinks food is available. He shows no food aggression towards people as when he’s eating you can touch him put your hand in his bowl and remove food from his mouth. However if one of the dogs is near by he will protect his food and grumble however this is something easy to work on and already improving.

B is for bathroom trained I say this because after only two weeks of living in our home as before he was never allowed in the house he is virtually toilet trained, he sleeps through the night quietly and is a clean boy.

B is for Best friend as I think that Bert would love to have another doggy companion to live with. Whilst he does have moments where he takes himself off independently and will hang out on his own he loves nothing more than curling up with a canine companion and having sleeps. If he had someone at home with him more often I think he could live happily as a single dog as long as he got lots of social play dates with other dogs, however in an ideal world, he would have maybe a slightly older female or male dog to hang out with and love.

B is for baby as we need to remember that Bert is still just such a young puppy so although his past has not been the best he is still young enough that all of this can be undone and with training, love, dedication and being part of the family he will thrive and become the best of doggie citizens.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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