Animal ID No: ARF329
Rescue Date: 21 February 2020
Adopted Date: 12 April 2020

Bronson is a quirky older gent who just wants to be adored by his people. He still likes a play and a short walk, but at his age after a burst of activity he is pretty happy to spend most of his time snoozing or cuddling up to his special person. He is an inquisitive soul, and whether you are cooking dinner, watching tv or cleaning out a cupboard he will be standing right by your side ‘supervising’.

When he gets excited to see you come home or when he is let out first thing in the morning he will stomp around with his front legs stretched out straight and his tail wagging away, beaming up at you with his big nose sticking up in the air. He likes playing with toys, and his favourite toys right now are his fluffy green crocodile and his football. He can play fetch but tends to run out of steam after a few throws.

He likes to spend his evenings relaxing, and sleeps quietly through the night in his crate. Bed time is no drama with this fuss-free fella – all you have to do is point at his bed and say, “Bronson, bed time!” and he will head straight in and settle down. He is perfectly toilet trained and has been making great strides with learning tricks like sit and shake hands, though he still needs some practice learning to walk on a loose lead.

Bronson is a total sun worshipper and his all-time favourite thing to do is lie flat on his back in the grass with his legs sticking straight up in the air, letting the sun warm his belly. Though it seems like he can stay in that position for hours, he will sometimes start wriggling around on the grass, letting out these cute little happy grunting noises to tell you just how happy he is.

Bronson is currently living with a doggy foster sister but he would much prefer a home where he can be your one and only love, as he is not a big fan of other dogs. He can also be a bit boisterous so we think he would suit a home without very young kids or small furry animals like cats or rabbits.

If you’ve been looking for an older fella who does not need a lot of exercise, and is an absolute sweetheart with his special person or people then feel free to send some information about the life you can offer Bronson to his foster carer. We think Bronson would suit lots of different homes, but he definitely needs a yard with grass so he can wriggle around on it.

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them"

Phil Pastoret

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