Animal ID No: ARF324
Rescue Date: 21 February 2020
Adopted Date: 20 March 2020

Meet Miss Ally, this absolute sweetheart has not had much done with her in her short life and can sometimes take a while to understand that she is safe and secure now and doesn’t need to worry quite so much. Although she can sometimes take a while to warm up, when she does, you will have a friend for life as she loves with all her heart. She just wants to please you and know that she is loved in return.

Ally loves to spend her days sunbaking in the backyard, digging in her sandpit and coming inside to sleep the night away on a comfy bed in a warm house. She is fully toilet trained and loves her crate as it is her safe space to retreat to when things are a bit scary. She has taken a while to understand that baths can be fun, car trips end in adventures and other dogs aren’t quite as scary as she first thought but she will need time to work through her concerns before meeting new dogs and having those adventures. Ally will never be a dog that happily goes to the dog park to play with a huge amount of dogs that won’t respect that she needs space.

Ally would happily be an only dog but if she was to go with another dog, it would need to be a confident and calm dog that will not invade her space and will give her the time she needs to work through her emotions. She is very curious about my cats and if she was to go to a home with a cat it would need to be a dog savvy cat that wouldn’t run and turn ‘chasing the cat’ into a game. Ally loves my teenage children and actively seeks them out for pats and a game of chase, but Ally is not suitable to go with younger children as they can be unpredictable and in Ally’s world that is stressful and doesn’t make for a happy home.

Ally walks well on lead after an intial excited bounce around and is very responsive to whoever is at the end of the lead, she will actively seek reassurance from you and look to you for guidance. She isn’t much of a toy dog but that may change with more exposure to toys and attempts to play with her over time. Ally would love to go on walking adventures as that is a time to be happy and excited and leave all her worries behind.

Ally has stolen my heart, but she needs to find her forever home, so if you think that you may have just the right home for her, please get in contact with some information about yourself, your living arrangements and what type of home you have to offer the sweet Ally.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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