Animal ID No: ARF545
Rescue Date: 27 July 2020
Adopted Date: 22 December 2020

Jenkins is a distinguished gentleman, what I like to call a pipe and slippers kinda fella. He is incredibly happy in his own company, loves sleeping, belly rubs, staring at possums and hanging at home. A creature of habit who enjoys his routine when it comes to feeding and walk times. His sweet endearing nature and helicopter tail wags will make your heart melt.

Unlike many dogs Jenkins is not a treat motivated dog but will not hesitate to say yes to a fresh bone. Jenkins understands basic commands, he is particularly good at sitting and his recall works well. He is house trained and indicates when he needs to go out for his toilet. Jenkins lead work needs some improvement. After he gets over his eagerness to get out of the gate he gradually relaxes into decent heeling.

Jenkins does not mind being left on his own during the day and makes use of his numerous beds that are dotted around the house. Currently he has an enclosed outdoor kennel and day bed.  In the house he has his favourite b’lounge (bed+lounge) which he spends a lot of time on. At night he likes to be inside with his people. He sleeps in his crate of a night and takes himself there when he is ready.

Jenks loves his walks and its amusing  to see his excitement when he hears the jangle of his collar and lead. Post walk you will find him enjoying a serious power nap  in a sunny spot in the garden. He does not mind the odd ball throw, definitely an avid sniffer but doesn’t need to be around a load of other doggos to be entertained. He is also a good guard dog and will let you know if there is something amiss.

He would suit a semi active home.  He does appreciate company so would ideally be somewhere where people are around part time. He is also a big fan of hanging in the car so makes for a good wingman.  He is generally well behaved but is working on his check in, fixating and greeting of other doggos. He has never been aggressive meeting other dogs but needs to learn a measured approach and not to be so in ones face so to speak on first greet. He plays well with large and small dogs. Prior to fostering Jenkins was part of a two dog family.

Jenkins had surgery for a torn cruciate ligament but has now recovered.  He will benefit from arthritis injections as he ages to help with his joint mobility and a joint care supplement added to his daily diet. Post op he is a little unfit and carrying a few extra kg’s at the moment, so he doesn’t go anywhere at any great pace. It certainly does not hold him back from leading an active lifestyle. You could say he is a good balance of play, cuddles, sleeps and belly rubs.

What I do know is that it will be hard for anyone not to fall in love with this beautiful old soul with his infectious nature, loving eyes and helicopter wagging wiggly tail.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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