Animal ID No: ARF356
Rescue Date: 25 March 2020
Adopted Date: 2 May 2020

Byro is pure love wrapped up in around 35 kgs of brown bull mastiff boy.

Byro came into care after quite a long time in the pound and has proven to be the loveliest, sweetest, gentlest dog, and the perfect co-worker for anyone working from home.

Byro takes treats with the gentlest mouth you could imagine, sleeps lots of the day away on his comfy spot on the lounge or his big bed, sleeps quietly throughout the night on his bed in his foster carer’s bedroom (and doesn’t snore!) and is generally a low energy, super-friendly buddy to have around.

Byro loves loves LOVES his people, and particularly his person. He’s not incredibly pushy about it, but he would like to be in visual range of his person as often as possible, though he will take himself outside and gnaw away at a bone, when the need to do that is too great.

Byro doesn’t seem to have a lot of training, but he is house-trained and can use a dog door. He loves going for a walk to the coffee shop every morning and that’s pretty much all the exercise he needs and he’s proving to be a pretty good cafe buddy. He will chase the ball or a chew toy, but only for a few times and then he’s done for the day, thanks very much.

Byro loves his food, but now is happy to politely wait for it to be put down and adores most treats and is currently getting bones to help clean his teeth.

Byro doesn’t have much training on lead and needs to have a person who can manage and redirect him when he decides he needs to sniff THAT TREE RIGHT NOW. Most of his walk is loose lead, but when he decides he needs to be somewhere, he needs someone strong enough to manage that. We are working on not racing out the front door and that’s coming on nicely.

Byro would probably be best as an only dog, because he is so in love with his people that it seems mean to make him share the love. He does get intense when he sees dogs on walks, but it is just because they are interesting – once he’s worked out what they are, he settles down and he shows no signs of aggression, even when the dog walking past him is barking at him a lot. He lives in a single dog home with his foster carer, and that does seem to be his version of heaven.

Byro does need someone who will be a bit mean to him sometimes, and make him go outside and away from his people for at least an hour or so each day, to make sure he doesn’t develop separation anxiety when we all go back to work. He does settle once he is put outside and doesn’t bark or fret and it’s good for him to develop a little bit of independence. Byro hasn’t shown the slightest interest in escaping.

Byro probably shouldn’t go into a home with cats or chooks or other small animals, based on the way he likes to chase the magpies and parrots in his foster carer’s backyard.

Byro has been an absolute delight to foster and has some funny, delightful quirks his foster carer will be happy to regale you with!

Please email to tell Byro’s foster carer about the life of bliss, snuggles and tummy rubs you could offer Byro.

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them"

Phil Pastoret

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