Animal ID No: ARF576
Rescue Date: 26 August 2020
Adopted Date: 11 October 2020

//Chippy arrived in foster with no idea what living in a house is all about & little confidence. He knows to wait to be asked inside, is clean inside, & is still learning to slow down on hard floors. Chippy will take what he regards as the most comfy dog bed, whether or not it is his or the resident dog’s bed.

We are working on his overall manners & training. He knows ‘sit’ & ‘ah ah’ (stop whatever he is doing), is improving with ‘wait’ & ‘heel’. As he tends to roll onto his back when being brushed, he is learning to ‘stand’. He is learning ‘no’ when he jumps on people in greeting

Chippy has shown little interest in the cats, who have behaved & not biffed or tormented him. He has shown no interest in toys or balls.

Chippy shows little destructive or digging tendencies. He will sleep on the garden, if the conditions are best there.

He is a little excitable when out for a walk, so many interesting smells to check out. He responds (mostly) to correction when he pulls on lead. He sits before crossing a road. Chippy doesn’t like heavy vehicles passing when he is out. His manners with other dogs when out is a work in progress.

Chippy is an affectionate soul, he loves being loved. He is learning to enjoy a daily brush to keep his black coat lush & shiny. He also enjoys a good pat after dinner, well, anytime really.

Chippy needs another confident dog/s to show him how to enjoy life without overwhelming him. He has some anxiety when left alone. He needs to continue working on this, with a person or family who are home most of the time.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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