Animal ID No: ARF379
Rescue Date: 27 March 2020
Adopted Date: 25 April 2020

Meet Miss Lily, this sweet girl has not had much done with her in the past and now she is just trying to learn all she can and trying to be the best dog she can be. Although she can be timid when she first meets you, as soon as you get the stamp of approval, she is all in. She loves hard and with all her might and hopes you will love her just as much in return.

Lily is a smart girl (who can be stubborn at times!), but sometimes she gets a little worried about the world and she forgets to listen to what you are asking her to do. Due to this Lily can not go to a home with young children as she will jump up when stressed or worried and this has the potential to knock small children off their feet. Lily also has a high prey drive so her new home can not have cats or pocket pets. Lily would be happy to be an only dog as long as she has access to the house (and someone who was at home more often than not, would be even better!), but if she was to have a dog friend, that friend would need to be confident so that Lily had the right type of dog to follow and learn beside.

Lily loves to be with her person but has shown no signs of separation anxiety, she loves to run and do zoomies around the backyard and she loves to roll in the grass. She is food motivated and would enjoy learning more in her new home, maybe even going on to do dog sports so she could have a job to keep her busy and help boost her confidence. Lily is looking for a home that can help her understand that the world is not quite as scary as she thinks it is and that it can actually be a fun and exciting place instead.

Lily will not be available until the 26th of April, but please send through your interest if you think you might have just the right home for her and we can arrange a time to meet before then to see if you click.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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