Animal ID No: ARF524
Rescue Date: 22 June 2020
Adopted Date: 5 September 2020

Dusty is a delightful dog to have around. This older gentleman is very chilled out in his current foster home as an only pet and is genuinely one of the nicest, sweetest, easiest dogs his foster carer has ever looked after. Dusty is a bit of a slow eater and eats his food over the course of a day, leaving it in his bowl, and he gets a bit cross if other dogs try to eat it, so he is better off as an only dog in the home. He is, however, very happy to meet other dogs on walks and has been very polite with them (once he’s got over his initial enthusiasm – new people and new dogs are quite exciting). Dusty is not good with cats or birds and should not go to a home with small pets.

Dusty gently asks for pats when he’d like them, through a gentle paw (or sometimes two) on the knee but will go to bed if asked. He spends most of the day happily snoozing on his spot on the lounge, popping up for an occasional nibble of food or taking himself outside to the bathroom. He is proving a lovely and very appropriate working from home companion.

Dusty is quite independent, but loves people and settles peacefully when left alone. Dusty absolutely must have access to the inside of the house when left alone, with the use of a dog door. Dusty has quite weak back legs (particularly when he’s just woken up) and is likely to have some early arthritic changes, so he needs to be inside on cold winter days. He also has lupus, which is currently fully managed and causing him no problems, but it does mean that his access to the sun should be limited, so he needs to be able to stay inside in summer. Neither of these conditions are causing him any problems and he is a otherwise very healthy older dog.

Dusty LOVES his walks – he is currently getting two a day and they’re the highlight of his life – and he walks FAST. If you need a dog to teach you sprint-walking, Dusty is your dude. Dusty generally sees his walk as a mission and likes to get from A to B fast, but he is starting to learn to stop and sniff the smells. He is very easy to manage on lead despite the speed and will stop and wait when you ask him to (and will sit down and look bored if you stop somewhere for long enough, so he’s a great buddy for Pokemon Go players :))

Dusty is also very camera-shy, so hopefully we will get some better photos soon, but he is extremely handsome! He has a gorgeous black coat, which requires minimal care and is a very trim and athletic chap, with a very handsome face and the most soulful brown puppy dog eyes.

If you are looking at giving a fast-walking but other super-chill dog a home in a single dog home with a dog door, please consider making an application for Dusty, letting his carer know what sort of life he would have with you.

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