About Ferdy

With Soulful eyes,coat like velvet and doting ways, Ferdi is one easy guy to have around.

Animal ID No: ARF631
Microchip No: 982 000 365 118 313
Size: medium/large
Sex: Male Desexed
Breed: Crossbreed
Age: 3 years approx
Activity Level: Moderate
Category: Available
Fees: $350

Foster Carer:
Brittaney Allan
Perfect Match

More About Ferdy

If we were able to ask Ferdinand (Ferdi) what his ideal day would be, we can pretty much guarantee his answer would be ‘whatever involves you!’. Ferdi is one of the easiest blokes to have in the home. He is a mellow marshmallow and simply happy to be with you. His coat is like velvet. Registering it as a therapeutic remedy has merit. The fact that he melts into your strokes adoringly compounds the therapy levels. A car addict, he is happy to go wherever you take him. After all this means he’s not being left behind. He’s happy to go, take it all in, have a coffee, have a beer, do whatever, and then merrily move on to the next thing on the agenda. Ferdi’s ideal home would be someone who is home most of the time. A retiree, semi-retiree or someone who works from home. A home where he is welcome inside and included in his persons life. His doting persona kicks across into a few struggles when being left alone. He is working through these separation issues at present and is finally realising that being left behind isn’t the end of the world, however he’s not perfect just yet. His new home would ideally be just as committed to helping Ferdi realise how to be comfortable in his own skin. So inclusive, but with structure and rules. A home that fulfills him with walks and training so he has less gas in the tank for stress. A home that appreciates his awesomeness, whilst still being able to resist the complete spoilings… believe me, this guy is so lovable, the latter is hard! Ferdi enjoys his canine pals, but no cats please. Do yourself a favour and look past the blockhead exterior. This guy is truly, truly, wonderful!

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