Animal ID No: ARF542
Rescue Date: 24 July 2020
Adopted Date: 27 September 2020

The first thing you will probably notice about Flea are her sparkling brown eyes with which will probably be gazing adoringly up at you as she begs for a pat. She is very much a “people dog” and if she had her way, she would spend all day long lying at your feet and bouncing around the garden with you.

Flea is a sweet-natured girl who seems to have not had the best start to life. She is a soft dog in temperament and gets quite worried if she thinks she is in trouble and will ‘hit the decks’ and cringe if someone moves too quickly around her. Because she can be a frightened by loud noises and unexpected movements, we think Flea would suit a home without small children. Flea will need a patient quite and understanding home she just loves people.

Since coming into care she has started learning the basics like ‘sit’ and to sleep quietly though the night in her crate. She is still quite puppyish in her behaviour so she will need a family who can be gentle and understanding, help her build her confidence, continue her training, and set appropriate boundaries.

Flea has been quick to figure out that her foster carers are givers of pats and food and is coming out of her shell and showing us her goofy side. She adores being rubbed and patted, and will collapse her whole weight into your legs and make these adorable little chattering noises. We think she will make someone a wonderful companion.

While Flea is living with another dog at the moment, we think she’d be happiest flying solo  so that she can have your undivided attention as she can get a bit jealous.

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