About Floki

Floki the adorable wiggle bum

Animal ID No: ARF536
Microchip No: 900 079 000 481 610
Size: medium/large
Sex: Male Desexed
Breed: Mastiff x
Age: Approx 14 months
Activity Level: High
Category: Available
Fees: $350

Foster Carer:
Perfect Match

More About Floki

Floki is a young energetic boy that certainly knows what he wants and he is not afraid to announce it!

Floki is just over a year old and he is a real social butterfly.  He loves nothing more to say hello to everyone, people and dogs inclusive.  Floki’s adorable bum wiggle and face melts everyone, but he does need help with reminding him sometimes that his paws need to remain on the floor and he doesn’t need to use your arm as a pacifier.  Floki is very dog social and is mostly respectful that not everyone has the same style of hello as him.

Floki is very food motivated and is a pleasure to train.  He knows sit, drop, bed, touch, release the toy, sleeps through the night in a crate, loose lead walks beautifully and has a good recall.  Floki is toilet trained and travels well in the car mostly, although he ccan get barky at times.

We are looking for a very specific home for this gorgeous boy.  Floki can be a bit of a handful at times and can get barky when he doesn’t get his way.  Floki would love to go to a home with a female dog who loves a good play.  The new owners will need older or no kids and committed to further his training.  Floki is not for a novice owner and would love a home that is keen to bring the best out in him and a competitive sporting home would be ideal.  Floki has been attending GRC club practices and once he realizes what a spring pole is used for which will be soon his life will be complete

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