Florence (Flo)

Animal ID No: ARF624
Rescue Date: 8 November 2020
Adopted Date: 16 December 2020

This is Florence, or Flo for short. She has a soft gentle nature and can be a bit timid at times, but also has an adventurous streak and loves to go exploring with her brother Joey.

After sleeping quietly through the night in her crate, Flo loves to start her day with a cuddle from her foster carer. While she is very affectionate and enjoys the company of hoomans, she can also be quite independent and self-contained.

Flo’s idea of a great forever home would be lots of space to stretch her long legs and perhaps the company of another dog. She would thrive on continued training as she is pretty quick to learn new things and will need lots of mental stimulation to keep her fulfilled.



'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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