Animal ID No: ARF291
Rescue Date: 16 November 2019
Adopted Date: 17 December 2019

Introducing Toby.

Toby has lived his early life as a country gentleman and is now looking for somewhere to spend his glorious retirement years, and a home that will show him all the joys of being someone’s beloved companion.

Toby is an exquisitely gentle soul, taking treats ever so softly and usually with a slightly hesitant expression as if to say “is that treat really for me?!” So far we have not seen much training in the ‘sit, stay’ variety from him, but he is beautifully well-mannered and easy to have around the house. He is quiet as a mouse and after three weeks we still have not heard him bark. He loves a pat and will gently nudge your hand to remind you to keep petting him.

Being from the country, it seems Toby has mostly lived as an outside dog. When he first arrived in care he would not set one paw across the threshold, instead standing in front of the open door and cocking a quizzical eyebrow at any invitation to come inside. But boy what a difference a few weeks make! It took him almost no time at all to have the inside thing all figured out, and he now comes joyfully springing in of a morning for his breakfast and a cuddle, and spends his evenings laying happily at our feet. He is still preferring to spend his nights outside while he settles into city life.

So far Toby has been a star with other dogs, graciously humouring his foster sister’s desperate attempts to get him to play. They wrestle gently with each other, share toys, and chase each other slowly around the yard, though Toby usually gives up and flops down to rest after a short session. They chill out together inside and are happy enough to snooze the day away side by side. Toby also recently had a playdate with two very energetic working dogs and he had a ball ambling around after them.

Toby is a low maintenance kind of fella who does not need a lot of exercise. A gentle stroll around the block a few times a week to keep him active would do him just fine, as long as there is plenty of time to stop and smell the roses along the way! As a mature boy he does have some arthritis, which is being managed well by anti-inflammatories.

We think Toby would suit lots of different homes. He likes other quiet and gentle dogs like himself, and would also be fine as an only dog. While we have not tested him with kids yet he is so soft natured we think he would be just fine, as long as the kids understood that he is older and not quite up to roughhousing anymore. He would be happy in a home that is not that active, and is just fine being left by himself during the day if you are off working.

If you are looking for a gorgeous, fluffy, gentle and sweet old man to flop down at your feet and keep you company in the evenings, one that does not need lots of exercise, then feel free to send some information by emailing his carer Annie, about the life you can offer Toby.

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