Jezza – profile updated 18 January 2021 ** Jezza is again available for adoption ** Please read with care if considering an application ** Thank you

About Jezza – profile updated 18 January 2021 ** Jezza is again available for adoption ** Please read with care if considering an application ** Thank you

** Update 18 January 2021 ** Jezza is again available for adoption ** Please read further details about her behaviours **
Jezza has been reassessed and requires a home with an understanding and experience managing an anxious and leash reactive dog. ** Thank you : )

Animal ID No: ARF628
Microchip No: 982 000 190 695 270
Size: Medium/Small
Sex: Female Desexed
Breed: Staffy
Age: 8-9yrs
Activity Level: Moderate
Category: Available
Fees: $150

Foster Carer:
Perfect Match

More About Jezza – profile updated 18 January 2021 ** Jezza is again available for adoption ** Please read with care if considering an application ** Thank you

** Update 18 January 2021 ** Jezza is again available for adoption ** Please read with care if considering an application ** Thank you 🙂

Applications for Jezza are exhausted and she is again available for adoption. Unfortunately, adverse COVID outcomes forced a number of potential adopters to withdraw applications. A big thank you to all (you know who you are) for your honesty and letting me know.

Further and importantly, it’s become apparent Jezza experiences anxiety together with dog-to-dog reactivity whilst on-leash, away from the house. As a result, Jezza’s needs were reassessed. Jezza requires slow and careful introductions to other dogs, and needs to be managed carefully when near other dogs.

To keep Jezza and her household safe and happy, her new home requires:

  • Experience and understanding of reactive and anxious dogs, commitment to managing her interactions with other dogs, and willingness to invest time and effort to ensure Jezza’s anxiety is minimised and experiences her ‘best life ever!’
  • No other pets, including no other dogs
  • Dog-savvy and respectful children over 12 years (or no children)

It’s certainly not doom and gloom for Jezza. She is still a joy to have around the house and retains excellent in-house manners.  No garden digging. No fence jumping. No escaping. Good recall everywhere … (except in the presence of other dogs + in public and on a leash) and excellent giggle-inducing snoring and noises.

Jeeza’s new skills include squeezing herself through the (smallish) doggie door and she easily opens indoor sliding doors with her nose. On one occasion, she tried to move the sliding screen door from its roller bearings by pulling on the metal screen with her teeth! It fell over with a loud noise, and she hasn’t tried it since. PS her teeth are okay and so is the door.

Jezza still gets excited when her harness and lead come out because that = walkies. She will sit and wait without wriggling for her safety gear (harness) to be ‘applied’ and will enthusiastically put her head into the harness to hurry things along.  Jezza has learnt to jump headfirst into water at the nearby waterway and enjoys sploshing in the shallows, putting her face into the water and trying to pick up water weed with her mouth (it’s not a stick Jezza!)  She still loves zoomies and squeaky toys. She’s begun a learning and training program involving food (!) aimed at reducing anxiety and teaching her street manners.

Best of all, she remains safe with ARF until the right home presents itself.  No matter how long that takes.

If you believe you can provide Jezza with a loving home that meets her needs and keeps her safe, Jezza and I would invite you to express interest by completing the ARF form and introducing yourself! We’d love to hear from you.


** Update 8 January 2021 ** Jezza and her carer are back after being unavailable during the holidays/New Year period. In the next couple of days Jezza is meeting the remaining potential adopters we couldn’t get to prior to Christmas. **  In the meantime, please enjoy Jezza’s Santa photos received in the New Year. **


** Update late December 2020 ** Jezza has proven very popular – no further applications for the time being please. Jezza and her carer will be away during the Christmas/New Year period (yaaaaay!) Now out and about after de-sexing,  Jezza may be reacting  to unknown dogs when she is on lead. If this is the case, she’ll get extra loving help to overcome her fear and build her resilience. **


(Early December 2020) Jezza is a fabulous little dog with a real infectious enthusiasm for life and everything on offer. She is a foster carer’s dream – a joy to have around and the perfect house guest.

Jezza loves … squeaky toys, tennis balls, doing zoomies, snoozing in the sun, human attention and leaning in for pats and cuddles. She’s not so keen on getting close to brooms or mops but will stand off to one side and watch the vacuum cleaner and garden hose being used.

Jezza has a permanent smile and waggy tail. She is mostly very quiet around the house, only barking when there’s something decent and relevant to bark at. Jezza delights in dancing and singing (staffy mumbles and squeaks) if invited. Her squeakiness, piggy-like-snorts and bulldozer-snoring are very endearing.

Jezza and her (smaller) foster-brother get on well. Jezza would probably like another dog for company, but of course, compatibility depends on how well she and potential canine siblings get on. Jezza hasn’t been tested with cats, although she’s squeaked at next door’s cat and cats passed during walkies and at vet visits.

Jezza would be delighted to fall into many roles … tradie’s offsider? Best friend to kids 10 years and older? Snuggle companion to the lady of the house? She would be perfect in them all!

Thank you for considering an ARF dog. Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

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