Animal ID No: ARF628
Rescue Date: 23 November 2020
Adopted Date: 21 February 2021

Jezza is a fabulous little dog with a real infectious enthusiasm for life and everything on offer. She has a permanent smile and waggy tail.  Jezza is a foster carer’s dream and perfect house guest –  no garden digging, no fence jumping, no escaping. She is mostly very quiet around the house, but will offer the odd excited bark when playing. She’ll even join in your dancing if invited. Her piggy-like-snorts and bulldozer-snoring are very endearing. She knows her name and comes immediately when called. A joy to have around, she makes life prettier.

Jezza loves … bones, squeaky toys, tennis balls, doing zoomies, snoozing in the sun, human attention and leaning in for pats and cuddles. She’s not so keen on getting close to brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners or garden hoses, but will lie down close by and watch with one eye whilst you do the chores.

Jezza and her (smaller) foster-brother get on well. Jezza would probably like another dog for company, but of course, compatibility depends on how well she and potential canine siblings get on.  A medium-sized, calm adult dog, perhaps around the same age, could be an excellent doggie buddy. Having said that, Jezza will require slow and careful introductions to other dogs.

Although Jezza doesn’t live with a cat, she’s squeaked at next door’s cat and at passing cats during walkies and at vet visits. She has met next door’s cat appropriately, but has also tried to chase the same cat when it ran, so a home without moggies would probably be best.

To keep Jezza and her household safe and happy, her new home requires:

  • Dog-savvy and respectful children over 12 years (or no children)
  • Experience and understanding of anxious/nervous dogs
  • commitment to managing  her interactions with other dogs
  • willingness and effort to build and improve her confidence and resilience, and if required, seek support and advice from a dog trainer
  • Ideally, a calm dog around the same size and age
  • No pocket pets

Jeeza’s new skills include squeezing herself through the (smallish) doggie door and she easily opens indoor sliding doors with her nose. Jezza loves to go on adventures outside the house and yard, and loves a car ride. She can sit and wait without wriggling for her safety gear (harness and lead) to be ‘applied’ and will enthusiastically put her head into the harness to hurry things along.  Jezza delights in jumping headfirst into water at the nearby waterway and enjoys sploshing in the shallows, putting her face into the water and trying to pick up water weed with her mouth (it’s not a stick, Jezza!)

If you believe you can provide Jezza with a loving home that meets her needs and keeps her safe, Jezza and I invite you to express interest by completing the ARF form, introducing yourself and telling us all about the home you can offer. We’d love to hear from you.

Denise and Jezza

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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