Joey (Stanley)

Animal ID No: ARF623
Rescue Date: 8 November 2020
Adopted Date: 16 December 2020

There’s lots to say about Joey – he is very handsome, independent, adventurous, stubborn and most of all loving.

His great looks are obvious. He will probably grow into a medium-large sized dog and will need LOTS of exercise and mental stimulation (training, agility etc) to keep him fulfilled and from digging up your garden. He has a thick undercoat that captures all the grass seeds and other debris so regular grooming is required, as well as somewhere cool for him when it’s hot.

One of Joey’s strongest traits is his independence. His is quite self-sufficient which is great as he hasn’t shown any anxiety issues when separate from his two or four legged family members. He’s content cruising around and entertaining himself or playing with his sister, Flo. At night, he sleeps in his own crate right through the night without a peep. However, he doesn’t always do what’s asked if it doesn’t suit him and can need a bit of convincing to do otherwise.

Joey loves an adventure. He is keen to explore and is very clever at finding ways to get out n about to do this. His new home must have a big yard with very secure fencing. Regular outings and activities with his new family will help fulfill his wanderlust.

Starting the day with one of Joey’s cuddles is the best. He’s an affectionate boy and would love a family who includes him in their activities and adventures.

While Joey is quite confident, he does yap at unknown things in his environment such as strange noises or people walking by, but he does stop when asked to. To help Joey to become a great canine citizen, his new family will need to continue his socialisation with other dogs and his exposure to the world around him. Puppy and obedience training will help him develop in this area

If you are interested in Joey, please give us details about your doggie experience (eg how many dogs you have shared your life with, training experience etc) and what sort of home you would provide him (inside/outside dog, how long he would be alone during the day, other dogs/pets, children etc).

Please note that Joey is a working breed dog and is not suited to apartment/townhouse living.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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