Animal ID No: ARF626
Rescue Date: 8 November 2020
Adopted Date: 4 December 2020

Johnny is a little more timid than his outgoing brother Cash. He needs a little more hand holding to feel comfortable with new things.

He will be a very loyal family member once given the confidence to feel safe and comfortable.

Since coming into foster care, Johnny has come out of his shell quite a lot. He plays happily with his brother and the resident dogs in his foster home. He has started asking for pats and attention and is getting more and more used to being picked up.

Johnny has met many other dogs of all different ages and sizes and is appropriate and respectful when meeting and playing.

He is very attentive and eager to please so will be great to train and will thrive in puppy school. Johnny will need to be exposed to new things in a very positive way. With lots of treats and scratches, new experiences will be much less daunting and more fun.

These pups have been quite affectionate, loving cuddles and pats when ever they can get them. Their coats are quite thick and they will struggle with the heat over summer. Access to lots of water and a cool shady place, preferably air-conditioned will be really important.

Border Collies are very intelligent, high energy dogs, they will require lots of physical and mental stimulation to keep them engaged and interested. Johnny will need an active family that can provide him with lots of exercise, socialisation, and training.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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