About Karli

Meet Miss Karli.
Does your couch need a Karli sized indent? Then read on to learn more about this sweet girl.

Animal ID No: ARF713
Microchip No: 941 000 019 570 413
Size: medium/large
Sex: Female Desexed
Breed: Wolfie X
Age: 4.5 years
Activity Level: Moderate
Category: Available
Fees: $350

Foster Carer:
Perfect Match

More About Karli

Karli is a total sweetheart who is looking for a home that has her person home more often than not and who is looking for a cuddle buddy. While Karli looks like she should be energetic and the type of dog who needs hours of exercise she is actually happier with a stroll and sniffari twice a day and some mental stimulation at home.

Karli does tend to bond strongly to her person and this will sometimes result in her resource guarding her person, this means that she will need to have boundaries put in place so that she is aware that this behaviour is not appropriate.

Karli has done some obedience and agility work and enjoys both, she walks well on lead with a front clipping harness and loves going for car rides. Karli has no issue with storms, is not a nuisance barker, doesn’t dig, is not destructive and isn’t an escape artist. Karli is crate trained and toilet trained and does really well with inside outside access.

Karli cannot go to a home with another dog and while she is able to go past dogs while on walks she can be uncomfortable with them in her personal space. Karli is not the dog you bring with you to a mates house to play with their dog or go to Bunnings to meet other dogs and she is definitely not a dog that would do well at a dog park or in off leash areas.

Karli is looking for a home that will give her routine and give her a calm and relaxed home to call her own. She is a chill and easy-going dog that wants to be part of the family, hanging out at home helping you do the household chores.

Karli cannot be rehomed with cats, pocket pets or young children.

So if you think you are the right home for Karli, fill out the form below and see if Karli agrees.

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