Animal ID No: ARF107
Rescue Date: 11 November 2019
Adopted Date: 19 July 2020

HI, my name is Lucy and although I’m not quite ready to go to my new home, Mum thought I should put myself out there as it might take a bit to find just the right lounge for me. You see, I have an ongoing medical issue that will require on going medication.

I’ve been told I’m the easiest dog to live with.  I’m not demanding, I’m house trained and have impeccable manners. At the moment I’m living with a few buddies; 4 other dogs ranging from big to teenie tiny and 2 cats. I do prefer quieter dogs as I get a little excited with bouncy dogs. The cats here are very smart and just ignore me and don’t run around.

I like being inside but also happy to spend some time outside with my buddies. I’m an older lady at 9yrs so I do have some arthritis and if I run around too much I get a bit sore. Nice leisurely strolls are the way to go. Interestingly I also have a short tail, so no knocking coffee cups off the table or hitting legs with a hard tail.

My medical issues are a bit personal, you see I have a bladder issue. This is being treated and I will need ongoing medication. I’m still clean inside but very occasionally leak a little bit on my bed (all very manageable).

I’m excited to find just the right home. I have lots of love to give and would love to be spoiled.


'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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