Animal ID No: ARF471
Rescue Date: 1 May 2020
Adopted Date: 20 June 2020

Moet is a sweet older gentlemen who adores being close to his human family.  He is never far away and is very good at supervising whatever you are doing around home.  He enjoys a drive in the car and a walk in familiar territory  He is a bit anxious in new places and with new people, etc and takes a little while to warm up.  He prefers to be around adults with a relatively quiet life, interspersed with games of fetch the ball, etc.  Moet is not well socialised with other animals and is best suited to a home with no other pets. He needs an owner who understands that he does not want to meet other dogs on the street and that he needs to always be on lead when in public.  He is not suited to dog parks, etc.  Moet would love to have a home with a dog door, so that he can come and go from the house to the yard.  Moet is surprisingly agile for his age and size and needs a yard that is secure at the bottom of the fence and of reasonable height (5ft).  Moet is a lovely little man who will make sure that you never feel lonely – your best friend and cuddle buddy.




The only job where you start at the top is digging a hole!


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