Animal ID No: ARF488
Rescue Date: 30 May 2020
Adopted Date: 26 October 2020

Hi, I am Peter Parker (or occasionally known as “stop-it”, “why did you do that”, “good boy”).  My foster mom describes me as cheeky, muscular yet a sensitive soul who loves attaching myself to my hooman.  The nurses at the vet think I am wonderfully cuddly, well-behaved and easily bribed with food.

I am house-trained, and know many commands like ‘sit’, ‘drop’, ‘bed’, ‘crate’, ‘stay’ but still require strict boundaries and ongoing reinforcement.

Parker in training

My favourite activities including solving food puzzles, going out for walks (I walk well on leash), sleeping, giving kissing (a head bump if not careful) and I have just started learning to play with toys.

The big, wild world is pretty new to me.  I find cars driving by a little daunting, children at the playgrounds being something to investigate into,  and people on their mobile devices should pay more attention to me.

I am quirky and laughable with many amazing potentials.

So, are you ready to be my Tony Starke?

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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