Animal ID No: ARF288
Rescue Date: 17 January 2020
Adopted Date: 28 February 2020

Patrick is a gentle soul who loves his people and the peace and quiet. He is now an older boy but he still enjoys a daily  walk and eating two good meals a day.

Jack Russells are know for their liveliness and determination – Patrick is passed all that and is happy to just be around you, spending most of his time blissfully asleep at your feet or in his bed.

Peace and quiet is not really a problem for Patrick as he is completely deaf – he’s not bothered by noise.

Patrick has spent some time living outdoors, but he now needs to be an indoors boy – he’s completely toilet and crate-trained, however he does sometimes have slight incontinence with his number twos at night due to his age.

Though he is in his twilight years, Patrick still loves his walk but they don’t need to be long.  He’s very content in the car, usually snuggling down to slumber whilst on the way there.  He’s calm with other dogs and people – he lived harmoniously with a cat in his previous life.  He’s been sharing his foster home with a younger female dog and he has been very tolerant of her wanting ‘play time’.  He will participate but ignores her if she carries on for too long!

Patrick would be best with someone who is home a lot, otherwise with a similar size doggy friend.

If you feel that Patrick would be the dog you can provide a good, loving home for, please contact his foster carer.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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