Animal ID No: ARF268
Rescue Date: 22 December 2019
Adopted Date: 11 January 2020

Peanut is a delightful, happy pup who is now ready to find his forever family who will value his loyalty and companionship and include him in family activities. He loves being involved in whatever is going on around the house and is a dab hand at helping in the garden or anything that his hoomans are doing. He is such an easy pup to have around and particularly if pats and cuddles are on offer.

Bull Arabs are a large, muscular breed which means Peanut will probably grow to be about 35kg or so. While they are big, they are known to be gentle dogs who make great family pets. In temperament, Bull Arabs are inquisitive and extremely affectionate, they are so affectionate that their size may be an issue if there are young children in the home as the Bull Arab could accidently knock the little ones over as he goes hunting for smooches.

Peanut has settled into his foster home really well and is learning some basic tricks, commands and household ‘manners’ such as waiting for his meals and sitting on his mat. He sleeps quietly through the night without toileting and travels quite well in the car.

As an active breed, Peanut will need a good walk/run at least once a day and some activities to engage his mind eg training and tricks. Obedience training, agility or other fun doggy sports are great activities for smart, active dogs. He has a short coat which is easy to maintain by brushing once a week, but he will need to be kept warm in the cooler months.

Peanut’s new family will need to provide him with opportunities to continue learning about the world around him so that he grows into a well behaved and socialised doggy citizen. To help owners give their puppy a good start to life, ARF includes a contribution towards a puppy training course as part of the adoption fee.

If you believe you can offer Peanut a home you are welcome to email his carer with some information about your doggy experience and how he could fit in with your family.

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them"

Phil Pastoret

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