Animal ID No: ARF675
Rescue Date: 19 January 2021
Adopted Date: 27 March 2021

Meet Miss Lexi.

Lexi is a sweetheart who has a few quirks that in the right home will make for an interesting dog, but in the wrong one would potentially see her returning to ARF. Due to this Lexi is looking for a very particular home and she is ready to wait until that comes her way.

Lexi’s ideal home will see her living with a seasoned owner – someone in their 40’s or 50’s would be 5 star. Hopefully this person lives alone as she does better with one owner, at the most we would look at two owners but they would both need to be on the same page with Lexi’s boundaries as she doesn’t do well in an unstructured environment. The care of Lexi would also need to be done by both people so she doesn’t feel she needs to be more possessive over one person.

Lexi is looking for a home with no children, not even the grandchildren that just come for visits. Lexi has a tendency to be possessive of toys and while you will be given strategies to deal with this, we don’t want mistakes to happen.

Lexi needs to be an only dog. While she can coexist with dogs on the other side of a fence, she will ‘attack’ if they get too close. This means no dog park, no off lead areas, no visiting the mates with your dog, no ducking into Bunning’s and letting her meet other dogs. She is fine on walks but for everyone’s well being I walk off the path so there is absolutely no chance of another dog getting too close. Lexi has no concern as to whether a dog is smaller or bigger and will go on a defensive attack regardless of her safety.

Lexi is worth the extra baggage though as she plays fetch like a kelpie, jumping in the air to grab the toy and bringing it back to drop at your feet (after she’s given it a few test chews of course!). She is also a monster with water, if you want to see some savage water play, bring out the hose and watch Lexi do her thing.

Lexi is just a lovely dog and while not overly needy, loves a good ear scratch. She would make the perfect dog to hang out watching movies with and if you forget to pat her she is quite happy to give you a gentle tap with her paw to remind you.

Lexi is excellent in the car and doesn’t make a peep. She has no issue with storms and loves a good bath. She is super treat motivated and sits / waits like no ones business. She sleeps happily overnight in a crate and is toilet trained.

Lexi has no issue hanging out on her own in the backyard and while she will alert bark she is not a nuisance barker. She will need access to inside though as she is a Frenchie X and heat and cold can be detrimental to her health.

If you think you tick all the boxes to be Lexi’s Just Right, fill out the form below and see if Lexi agrees.

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