Animal ID No: ARF622
Rescue Date: 7 November 2020
Adopted Date: 4 March 2021

Sky is a very special girl – she is sweet and gentle with a lot of love to give! Sky loves nothing more than laying down beside you to keep you company but she is also not demanding and is happy to do her own thing while you do yours.

However, don’t let this fool you! Sky can still act like the puppy she is and does like to test the boundaries at times by digging the occasional hole and turning your favourite bush into her favourite place to sleep on top of. At the moment Sky is expelling some of that puppy energy by playing with her foster poodle sister, a good game of chase, tug and wrestle will tire her and her foster sister out just enough for them to have a nap together before starting all over again.

Sky didn’t have the best start to life and needs a family or owner that is willing to build her confidence and give her time to experience the outside world as sometimes she can get a bit unsure. However, with the support of her owner and a calm dog she will learn that the outside world can be as good as the back yard.

Sky would prefer to be in a home with another large calm dog as company and her person at home more than not and although she doesn’t try to escape, she will need a colour bond fence.

Sky would definitely love a good walk each day and walks beautifully on lead. Sky also knows sit, waits for her food and we are working on door manners. She is also awesome in the crate and appears to be toilet trained.

So why is Sky classed as ‘Special Needs’?

 Sky has what we think is a congenital problem where her neck is fused and has limited range of motion. It has also affected her shoulders, however it seems that she has learnt to live with this condition and it really makes little difference to her.

Sky has aspirations of being on “The Next Top Model” with her long slender legs and figure.  She will melt the heart of anyone who meets her.


'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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