Animal ID No: ARF398
Rescue Date: 28 March 2020
Adopted Date: 3 May 2020

UPDATE:  Wish has found her permanent home and will go there soon.  No more applications are being accepted.

Wish is your typical puppy, she is friendly and very playful. She enjoys playing, running around doing zoomies and chasing after toys.

She is used to being around children and is happy to be patted and cuddled, however she is quite an independent little puppy and also enjoys her own space.

Wish is super friendly and is uses to being around adult dogs and not bothered by the resident cat or bunny.

Wish is use to being included as part of the family and will require a home where is allowed to be inside (and to sleep inside at night) Being a puppy Wish’s new family must be committed to continuing her training and social interactions, to ensure she develops into a well-balanced adult dog.

** Please note: Due to the high volume of enquiries there maybe a delay in responding to emails but we will get back to everyone as soon as possible, Thank you for your patience.




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