About Rocky

Rocky is a gentle old soul who is looking for a retirement home

Animal ID No: ARF502
Microchip No: 982 009 106 064 552
Size: Medium
Sex: Male Desexed
Breed: Kelpie
Age: 11yrs
Activity Level: Moderate
Category: Available
Fees: $150

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More About Rocky

Rocky is a gentle older boy. His age has not slowed his interest in his world, he likely has less energy than he did when younger. He hasn’t had a lot of training, but has good manners most of the time. He will gently jump up to greet to people, & is learning to contain himself. While Rocky loves his people, he is not high demand. He will gently pat with his paw when he wants attention. He is clean inside.

Rocky enjoys as many walks or outings a day as are offered. He is keen to check & leave pee mail, keeping abreast of the local news. He walks well on lead, unless a particularly interesting smell gets his attention. He usually responds promptly to correction. Rocky also enjoys a daily brush, to keep his lush coat clean & tidy. He takes treats gently. Rocky is not interested in toys, he is happy to snooze the time away if not out & about.

Rocky is quick to claim his spot on the lounge, & once there, it is his. The delinquent cats were not impressed, as they usually use the same spot during the evening. Both Rocky & the cats usually ignore one another.

Rocky gets along with the greyhound Spook. They both have their snoozing spots, & are fed under supervision well apart.

Rocky has not met children whilst in foster. He shows happy interest when he sees them when out & about.

As Rocky is a little hard of hearing, he is learning hand signals as well as verbal commands. He knows “wait” & “heel”, working on “out” of the kitchen.

Rocky would suit a household where he is part of the family. He is happy with another dog for company, equally he would be happy as a single dog with someone home most of the time. Children or a new cat would need to be monitored to begin with.

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