Animal ID No: ARF118
Rescue Date: 1 December 2018
Adopted Date: 28 December 2019

Meet the gorgeous Miss Ruby!
This lovely lady is a 2 year old Kelpie / Airedale / Huntaway mix of sweetness. So what is an Airedale? An Airedale Terrier is known as the King (or in Ruby’s case, the Queen) of terriers, they are a social breed who although can be a little aloof, once they have found their people, they are loyal and loving. What is a Huntaway? They are an intelligent, agile and friendly dog that can be used as sheep dogs.

So this means Ruby will need an owner that is not afraid to tell her no and give her some strong boundaries so that she can live her best life. When Ruby knows the rules in place she is a happy girl who, though she can carry on like a 2 year old puppy at times, can also be calm and is happy to chill by your feet while you’re having a cuppa and a natter at the local café.

Ruby currently attends a doggy day care and is happy to say hello to everyone she meets and will match the energy of the other dog. If they are happy to just stand around than that’s what Ruby will do but if they want to have a rumble and a play, than Ruby is all in. In her foster carer’s home she will often have doggy friends come for sleepovers while her carer is boarding dogs for a day or a week. She also has a foster brother and sister that she hangs out with when she is not at day care.

Ruby is crate trained, toilet trained and sleeps well through the night. Ruby has lived with young children before and loves to go outside for a game of fetch. She would love to be part of the family and hang out with her people on the weekend having all sorts of adventures.

This girl is just a sweetheart and her photos don’t do her justice, so if you think Ruby might be the girl for you, send an email through telling us a little bit about yourself and what sort of home you can offer Ruby.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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