Animal ID No: ARF371
Rescue Date: 16 February 2020
Adopted Date: 4 April 2020

Scruffy is a very chilled guy – he likes to spend large amounts of his day relaxing in the most comfortable spot he can find.

He is ‘middle-aged’ at 7.5 years old and has been living with a long time furry companion of his who has recently passed away.  He misses his old mate so he would appreciate living with another doggy friend of a similar medium size.

Scruffy knows his own mind and has been around long enough to know what is for him and what’s not for him.  But he’s a gentle soul who has the cutest ways of getting your attention.

Scruffy likes his walk and is happy with at least half an hour a day.

He gets along with other dogs and has been very long suffering with the young Jack Russell cross he shares his foster home with.  He gets along with male and female dogs and doesn’t have any food guarding issues.

Scruffy isn’t particularly interested in cats but he’s good with children!

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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