Mia female Jug

About Mia female Jug

Mia is ON HOLD while enquiries are followed up.

Mia is a loving and Lively young lady with a zest for life.

Animal ID No: ARF360
Microchip No: 991 003 000 106 238
Size: Small
Sex: Female
Breed: Pug X Jack Russell
Age: 15 months
Activity Level: High
Category: Available

Foster Carer:
Raelene Stewart
Perfect Match

More About Mia female Jug

What a cute little munchkin Mia is.  She is lively, loves games with other dogs and running around in the garden.

Mia lacks a little confidence and feels more comfortable in the company of another friendly small dog.  Another dog is a must in Mia’s new home.

Having that bit of terrier, Mia is interested in her environment and will bark at noises and enjoys ensuring that birds know that your yard is not theirs.

After a hard day minding the house, Mia loves nothing better than to snuggle closely to her family.

A great little family dog, Mia looks forward to being a close part of a loving family.


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