Animal ID No: ARF110
Rescue Date: 16 July 2019
Adopted Date: 25 March 2020

Teddy is a handsome French Bulldog. This a breed that has become extremely popular for their clown-like personalities, unfortunately they are also more likely to have health issues and require careful management to maintain their health. Further information on the breed can be found by clicking here

Teddy is a sweet fellow who loves his family and the cuddles and closeness that Frenchies adore. He loves doing you are doing, especially if it involves an outing – he gets very excited for a lead walk and a car ride. He came into care with another female Frenchie who has since been rehomed. Teddy relies on his furry friends for confidence and can be a little unsure when initially meeting new people and in new surroundings. So he will need to have a knowledgeable new owner to help him with this and another friendly, confident dog for support and companionship.

Teddy is not suitable for a home with children under 12 as he has had limited exposure to them and becomes stimulated and nervous with the noise and activity of young children.

Teddy, we have discovered, has two vertebrae that have fused together. We noticed this as he had an intermittent limp in one of his back legs after he was laying down for long periods (overnight, etc) and we were hearing his back toenails tapping on the hard floors. This has been managed through a course of cartrophen injections and he is so much better now.

Teddy’s new owner will need to be able to take good care of his spine by keeping his weight off, providing him with regular gentle exercise, providing him with joint supplements and keeping up the cartrophen a couple of times a year. Teddy is not suitable to visit dog parks, etc. His new owner will also need to understand that there is a ‘possibility’ of further back issues in the future, this is unknown at this stage

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