Tiffy (and Sam)

Animal ID No: ARF614
Rescue Date: 18 October 2020
Adopted Date: 3 December 2020

These two adorable toy poodles are a bonded pair, having led a very sheltered life with their mum, who had to go into care earlier this year after not leaving the house for some years. They have thrived in foster care, perfecting their indoor manners and exploring the big wide world and are now ready to move on. Tiffy is a white/apricot girl of 8 years old, and Sam is a 9 or 10-year-old chap, who has developed a little distinguished grey frosting on his black coat.

Their early lives had left them undersocialised and a tad wary, but they respond well to gentleness and affection (and food!). They are intelligent and lively, and have adapted readily to life over the last few months with their foster carer and her own two dogs. They take a friendly interest in visiting family members including children, respecting boundaries and new routines. They welcome visitors with a quick bark and a dance, but aren’t yappy. They are fairly quiet in the house, preferring to be somewhere near their carer, whether indoors, where they settle quietly, or in the garden, where they fossick happily without being  at all destructive.

They travel well in the car to vet and groomers, although are a bit noisy in their initial excitement. They hadn’t had  much experience on the lead, but now trot about with great delight and wagging of tails and are cooperative with putting on their harnesses when a trip out is afoot. once out and about, they are gentle and happy to meet strangers including other well mannered dogs.

They are house trained, although Sam did mark his territory at times inside the house when he lived with his original owner. This improved greatly in foster care, and in fact has not been an issue since early October. Both dogs are used having to a dog door as they have not been trained to “ask” to be let outside to toilet.

They each had a full vet check in early October and are in good general health. Each has minor issues, occasionally needing a vet visit: Tiffy has recurrent ear infections, Sam recurrent anal gland blockages and an intermittent dry cough.  Both had  dental procedures in early November and are fully up to date with their shots, including kennel cough. They have no special dietary needs.

Their original owner lives in Canberra, and her family would like the dogs to be able to visit her if she asks for them, although she has only asked once for this since she has been in care, and seemed to be saying her farewells to them at that time.


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