Animal ID No: ARF677
Rescue Date: 22 January 2021
Adopted Date: 3 April 2021

Truffles is your typical Dachshund full of life, cheeky lovable girl. She is the leader between her and Chopper.  She came in as a stray to ARF  along with her friend/husband Chopper. Truffles had  a lot of  medical issues all of which have been taken care of except her skin which will be an on going issue. She will need someone who is mindful of her diet and prepared to give her regular baths. Truffles and Chopper can not live with cats or chickens or pocket pets. Like any Dachshund they like to bark which can be discouraged and most of the time they listen but dont be fooled they love the sound of their own voices at times.   Whilst for the most part are good with toileting can also have the odd accident. They live inside and are great in their crate. Truffles loves a cuddle. They are not dogs that can be left outside all day but do enjoy sunbathing on a comfy bed. Truffles needs  strong boundaries otherwise she will take over a bit. They tend to do everything together including sleeping together.

Their home would look like one were they’re  part of the family , they live inside and need owners that can understand how cheeky, loving and annoying Dachshunds can be. They have so much love to give and would love nothing better than curling up with you watching TV but are also quite active and would still like a nice walk each day.

Please do not apply for Truffles and Chopper if you only want one as they will only be rehomed together

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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