Animal ID No: ARF509
Rescue Date: 24 June 2020
Adopted Date: 4 July 2020

Tiche is a sweet little girl who just loves to be around you.  Initially a bit insecure and uncertain she warms to you, but expect her to be anxious for the first week.

While she likes to know you’re around she likes to explore outside and will spend time sitting in the sun and occasionally checking in with you.

She loves a walk however she does need more training to walk on lead as she tends to pull.  She is house-trained, after toileting last thing she sleeps all night until she is let out first thing in the morning.

She is a good watchdog and will let you know if someone approaches the house.

Tiche is in excellent health with vet surprised she is 9 years old.

Tiche needs to be in a home where her owner is home most of the time as she doesn’t like to be left for too long.

She seems fine with cats but she needs to be the only dog.  Tiche is friendly with other dogs out and about.

In summary, Tiche is a lovely little dog with a lot of love to give. Please fill out the enquiry form below if you are interested in adopting Tiche.

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