Animal ID No: ARF511
Rescue Date: 18 June 2020
Adopted Date: 26 July 2020

Zoe is a sweet little girl who absolutely loves her people. She is currently living with an 18-month old male dog, and two children (aged 12 and 10).  They all get on well, though Zoe is definitely the dominant one in the dog relationship – if her new home has a furry friend it will need to be a male dog. She wouldn’t be suited to a home with small pocket pets.

If your home has people around most of the time, then Zoe’s your girl!  She is a bit demanding in her need for companionship and on the few occasions where she has been left in the house (either alone or with her foster brother) she has displayed signs of anxiety (not destructive at all, just quite vocal).  This is gradually getting better, indicating she just needs time to settle confidently into her new environment. She will therefore need to go to a home with people who are around most of the time, but who are also willing and able to continue to work on building her confidence to be by herself and to offer her a variety of enrichment activities to help her settle into her new life.  She is very much an inside dog and loves a snuggle on the sofa or a nice comfy dog bed.

Zoe has come on in leaps and bounds in a couple of areas over the last few weeks. Initially she was petrified of the car and wouldn’t go anywhere near it…she will now hop straight in without any coaxing. She is still a little anxious during the journeys but we anticipate that this will get better and better – especially if the trips end up in fun places!

With regards to sleeping at night – at first we couldn’t leave her alone in the lounge room for even a minute without her making it very clear she wasn’t happy with that, and she wouldn’t even set foot in her crate.  We have worked really hard at this and now – one month on – she sleeps in her crate right through the night!

Walking nicely on a lead is certainly not a strength of Zoe’s – yet!  This skill is still very much a work in progress and she will definitely need continued help to be successful at this.

Zoe’s favourite toys are things she can chew, or a Kong with some peanut butter in it.  She loves a game of tug and doesn’t mind joining in a game of handball with the kids…though she mainly steals the ball!

If you feel you can offer Zoe all that she needs in a new home, then she would love to meet you.

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