Foster Carers are gold to us and we can always do with more.

ARF is always looking for more loving ‘temporary homes’ for dogs and foster caring can be an extremely rewarding experience. In fact, most foster carers find an extra ‘tail’ in the house comes with a range of benefits. Not least the feeling that you have saved a dog who might otherwise have been euthanised.

ARF’s objective is to foster a dog for as long as it takes for a new permanent home to be found. Some dogs are adopted in a couple of weeks, others may take many months, and some are so gorgeous that the carers fall in love with them and adopt them themselves. In fact, the most common question we are asked by new foster carers is ‘how can I let them go?’

By letting your foster dog go to a fabulous forever home you are freeing up a space for another needy pound dog. Of course, at times it can be hard as you grow attached but when you see them happy in their new home it makes it all worthwhile.

Foster caring is a rewarding and wonderful thing to do but it can also be challenging.  By becoming a foster carer, you are truly making a difference.

We do have some criteria a new foster carer must meet –

  • Previous experience with dogs is highly desired
  • Time and willingness to help your new fosterdog adjust to a home environment with some basic training
  • Secure yard and fencing
  • Ability to create a separation area if you have your own dogs
  • Willingness to attend some of our ARF training sessions
  • Ensure your own animals are vaccinated and desexed
  • Access to a vehicle

Things to consider

  • Time required to rehome the dog including training, responding to enquiries, etc.
  • Impact on your household – children and pets.
  • Type of dogs you are interested in fostering. ARF most frequently get medium sized dogs, often staffies, bull arabs and working breeds. We do also get other breed mixes and occasionally small dogs but these are the minority.

ARF has a very good mentoring system for new foster carers and our mentors can offer sound advice when problems do occur.  Please note that we can only accept foster carers from the Canberra/Queanbeyan/Yass region.

ARF also offers training and information sessions throughout the year which are informative and also a great way to meet other foster carers and talk about your experiences.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please fill in the foster application form here

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