ARF Sponsorship Policy

This policy establishes the framework and guidelines within ARF for the creation of productive partnerships between ARF and the private sector, i.e. sponsorship alliances with corporations, foundations, individuals and other non-government organisations.

The fundamental principles shaping our relationships with sponsors are:

  •  Sponsorship of ARF or of any program or event will not entitle any sponsor to influence any decision of ARF
  •  ARF will not enter into any alliance or partnership with any corporation or organisation where the association with the prospective partner or acceptance of the sponsorship would jeopardise the financial, legal or moral integrity of ARF or adversely impact upon ARF’s standing and reputation in the community. All sponsorships from organisations involved in the retail sale of animals are prohibited
  •  ARF will accept sponsorships as an additional source of revenue generation provided that all sponsorship alliances are developed and maintained throughout
  •  All sponsorship alliances or partnerships must be consistent with current ARF policies
  •  All event and project sponsorships must have significant financial commitment from the sponsor to help offset the costs associated with the activity
  •  Naming rights associated with any sponsorship must be approved by the Committee
  •  Sponsorship over $500 will be embodied in written agreements between ARF and the sponsor-ship partner
  •  Sponsors will be acknowledged on the ARF website and social media

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