Guinness is a 3 year old kelpie from Crookwell pound. He came to ARF on 19 March 2020 when his foster carer decided it was a good time to get a new ‘iso’ buddy. He’s been an excellent addition to the household, he’s got good manners and is always up for a cuddle with the humans or a play with his foster sister.

Guinny, as he is affectionately known, also had a little secret that soon became clear. He has seizures approximately once week, they seem to be grand mal seizures and last about 5 minutes. The frequency, type and length of his seizures are a concern and he has had a lot of blood tests to try to diagnose a reason for the seizures. Seizures can be a symptom of another disease or if no ’cause’ is found then a diagnosis of epilepsy is made. We are still waiting to find out the results of all the tests.


What’s it like when he has a seizure?

Well, the good news is that he doesn’t seem too phased by them, he just gets really hungry afterwards but he doesn’t seem to have other side effects. While in a seizure his body tenses up and he spasms and drools (but doesn’t lose his bladder or bowls), it’s important that he’s moved to a space where he can’t bang his head on anything but otherwise he can be left, or given gentle pats and calming words, his foster carer isn’t sure how much he notices this but it seems to help, his doggy foster sis likes to keep close to him and give him reassuring sniffs and licks.


What does his future look like?

If his condition can be cured then he’ll receive the treatment he needs, however if he has epilepsy, Guinny will require a very special forever home. A home prepared for the cost and schedule of giving him regular medication to manage the seizures. The good news is that once on medication the seizures will be much less frequent and severe and he can live a long, normal life. In return Guinny can offer loves of love and cuddles. He’s overall such a great boy who slotted into his foster family’s life with no trouble, he sleeps quietly at night and using the doggy door to take himself in and out. He’s happy to potter around the garden with his doggy foster sis when his foster carer is busy working or away from home.