2017 ARF AGM

Nov 30, 2015


7.30 pm Monday 20 November 2017


As we approach the end of the calendar year – the holding of the Annual General Meeting is nearly upon us.

One of the key things that happens at the AGM is the formation of the new ARF committee.

The ARF Rules have provisions for calling for nominations every year – and allow for an election to be held where there are more nominations than positions.

If you have been thinking about it – now is the time to act!

Link to ARF’s structure is here

ARF’s Governance

ARF’s overall governance structure comprises the Committee and three subcommittees:

  • Rescue Sub-committee (RSC);
  • Communication Sub-committee (CSC); and
  • Governance Sub-committee (GSC)

All these elements are critical to the effective functioning of ARF.

And ANY member can nominate to be part of ARF’s governance arrangements.

ARF Committee

A bit about the ARF Committee

ARF’s Committee comprises

  • President
  • Vice President (includes the office of Public Officer)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Up to six ordinary members

The ARF Committee has responsibility for the governance and management of ARF and has specific legal, fiduciary, and ethical responsibilities:

  • developing and maintaining association’s strategic and operational plans;
  • raising money;
  • managing the association’s resources;
  • providing oversight, determining policy; and
  • acting as ambassadors for ARF in the community.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that ARF meets all legal requirements and remains accountable to its donors and other stakeholders, including the ACT and Commonwealth Governments.

The Committee is the guardian of ARF’s mission and vision—i.e. what it plans to achieve, where it wants to be and how it plans to get there.

The Committee works in very close partnership with the members of sub-committees and other volunteers and stakeholders to ensure that ARF’s objectives and goals are achieved.

What is the role of a committee member?

To fulfil their governance role, Committee members must be familiar with their legal obligations as Committee members, with ARF’s statutory and contractual obligations, and its policies, plans, and priorities.  Committee members must be able to participate in all areas of the Committee’s responsibilities.   Committee members also have a personal obligations that include making sure ARF:

  • complies with its obligations under its rules and any other relevant laws or regulations, particularly its obligations as a registered charity;
  • complies with any funding agreements or other contracts; and
  • complies with its legal responsibilities to members, volunteers and any clients or customers who may use our services.

Committee members also have specific financial responsibilities which include ensuring that ARF can pay all its expenses, and that it meets its legislative requirements for financial accounting and for reporting to members.

One other key role Committee members play is chairing sub-committees.  Under the ARF Rules you need to be a member of the Committee to chair one of the sub-committees.  Each year at the first meeting of the new ARF Committee, Committee members are asked to nominate to be a sub-committee chair; and if there are more nominations than spots then the Committee holds a vote.

What skills do you need to be an ARF Committee member?

You need to like dogs (and people)!

ARF is looking for people that have experience in ARF and how the organisations works.

We are also on the lookout people with strong dog skills, be it in fostering or training.

People with skills in fundraising, communications, financial/budgetary and governance are also needed.

When does all this happen?

Nominations for Committee close on 16 October 2017.

You can get a form for nomination here.   You will be asked to make a short statement of your skills and what you can bring to ARF.

AGM to be held at 7.30pm on Monday 20 November 2017 at the Dickson Tradies, 2 Badham Street Dickson, Australian Capital Territory 2602 ·

First Committee meeting after the AGM – 18 December 2017

ARF Sub-Committees

You can also participate on one of the sub-committees.  You don’t need to be on the Committee, just an ARF member.

A short summary of the roles of each sub-committee’s are:

Rescue Subcommittee (RSC) – deals with the day to day activities relating to foster carers and foster dogs.  It makes recommendations to the Committee on ARF policy and procedures relating to foster carers and foster dogs.  Its portfolio includes foster carer support, approval of new foster carers, foster carer training and education, mentors, foster carer information kit, pound liaison, vet liaison, behavioural assessment, dog transport, private rehoming, surrenders and support and dog wanted forms.

Communication  Subcommittee (CSC)— The CSC deals with the day to day activities of communication, events and fundraising.  Its portfolio includes stalls, fundraising, events, day to day management of the website and social media (Instagram and Facebook), raffles, calendar/cards, media releases and the ever popular Chinwag.

Governance  Subcommittee (GSC Governance Subcommittee (GSC) – It makes recommendations to the Committee with regard to policy and procedures relating to the governance of the organisation and regularly reviews ARF’s policies.   It also ensures compliance with statutory obligations required of the organisation

We are always on the look out of ARF members to be members of sub-committees!

There is no time limit for nominating to be a sub-committee member, but don’t let that hold you back – if you have been thinking about it now is the time!


Being on committees isn’t quite what you had in mind….remember we are always on the lookout for folk to help.  For example, we are currently doing a comprehensive look at our websites, and anyone with ICT skills that can help – we’d love to hear from you.

If you want to chat to anyone (or volunteer) drop a line to secretary@fosterdogs.org




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