Feb 3, 2020

Breed: Kelpie x Size: Medium Age: 8 to 10 months  
Contact: Kristine,
Activity: High

Thank you for considering a Labrador Rescue dog. Mannu  (Microchip number  956 000 010 813 879) is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and is available for $350 (incl GST).  Mannu has been rescued by Labrador Rescue (ABN  81 592 419 387) and he is located in Canberra.  Being an honorary Labrador, ARF is kindly assisting Labrador Rescue with his rehoming.

Labrador Rescue likes to make sure we find a dog that suits your lifestyle so we don’t waste your time in coming to meet an unsuitable dog.  You have to start the adoption process by completing our online adoption form and provide us with as much information as possible, and importantly mention your interest in Mannu, as we have many other dogs too.

Labrador Rescue has a rehoming routine for all of our dogs. We ask a list of standard questions to ensure that the dog we give you is suitable for your lifestyle. If we have a dog that we think is suitable, then you get to come out and meet him/her. If all goes well, the dog then comes to you on a two week trial and the adoption fee is paid.

At the end of the two weeks, if our dog is happy with you and you are happy with him/her, we sign over all of the paperwork. If during the two week trial period, you return the dog to us, your adoption fee is repaid in full.

Labrador Rescue does not cover transport costs for dogs being moved to their new home. Please note that no correspondence will be entered into if your online application is refused. If you are considered suitable for a dog you will be contacted within 7 to 10 days. Legal reasons prevent us from giving reasons as to why your application could be unsuccessful. All information collected is kept strictly confidential.

For more information on our adoption policy or trial periods, contact one of the Labrador Rescue volunteers.

mannu looking up

Mannu is a very energetic and affectionate mixed breed male dog, roughly 8 months old who gets along with all dogs and humans.  He was recently introduced to horses too and just loves them.

He is crate trained and is getting very good at walking on and off the lead and has been socialized with the local dog gang at the local park without any issues.  He also loves playing with toys and is great with playing fetch.

mannu in car-big

Mannu has received two weeks intensive training with a professional dog trainer before coming to his current foster home, so his manners are great but he will push the limits (like all youngsters) if allowed to get away with too much.

Mannu and horse

As a young energetic and smart dog, he needs a new home prepared to give him regular exercise and activity. He would not be suited to a family with young children. He’s very quick to jump on a bed or the couch but is learning that that’s not allowed in his current home.  Mannu is not used to being alone and bonds very quickly to humans and experiences separation anxiety if left alone.  As he loves company so much a family with another dog will be essential for him.

Mannu in car asleep

In summary, Mannu will do extremely well in a family with another dog, people who are home more often than not and who are prepared to continue with the training and positive socialisation that all dogs need to grow up to be happy healthy pets.

Mannu asleep