What should I do if my dog is lost?

Jan 31, 2017

1. Act immediately

  • Check and post on Facebook in particular Canberra Lost Pet DataBase
  • Contact Domestic Animal Services, the RSPCA, Queanbeyan Pound and vet clinics. Leave a full description of your pet, your name and contact details. We suggest that you go to these places and check for yourself – see below for contact details.
  • Do a letterbox drop in your area.
  • Put posters in shops, vet clinics, bus stops, on power poles, community noticeboards, school noticeboards. Stick a poster to the back window of your car.
  • Advertise in daily and weekly newspapers. Contact local radio stations – many run free announcements.

2. Search the neighbourhood thoroughly

  • Search sheds, garages, buildings, parks, schools, waterways, construction sites. Do a complete door-knock, returning to houses where no-one was home later and ask every single passerby – you never know who may have spotted your dog.
    • If you have a local Neighbourhood Watch group, enlist their help.
    • Ask the Postman – they go to every home and could be a great help.
    • Ask school children – they WALK the neighbourhood, and can be a great resource. They may also know if the dog is in someone’s backyard.

3. Visit animal shelters in person

  • The ACT Pound (Domestic Animal Services), the RSPCA, and the Queanbeyan Pound are three different organisations. Check all shelters in person every couple of days. It is important to go in person as their description may not match yours. Carry documentation such as registration, microchip number, pedigree papers, vaccination certificates, photos etc.
  • Domestic Animal Services – Mugga Lane, Symonston ACT 2609 – (02) 62072424
    DAS website
  • RSPCA – 12 Kirkpatrick Street (off Cotter Road) Weston ACT 2611  (02) 6287 8100
  • Queanbeyan Council Pound – Old Sydney Road, Queanbeyan NSW 2620 – (02) 6298 0269
    Queanbeyan Pound