Hi There

My name is Lucy and I have been in ARF Foster care since November last year. I’m still not ready to be adopted but I thought I’d say “HI” just so people know I will be looking for a special home when my health issues are sorted.

I came into care last November and my foster carer noticed straight away that I had a few health issues that needed immediate attention. I had a limp in my back leg, a few lumps and most of all, a problem with my water works.

Off to the vet I went for investigation and so started the long road to diagnosis and hopefully we will manage to fix things eventually. Blood test, urine test, x-rays and eventually ultra sounds and urethral endoscopy. Thank you ARF.

You see, I had a bladder infection, the urine test revealed a bacterial infection and I was put on antibiotics; usually a quick fix, all done and dusted, but alas, not me. After the first lot of treatment I appeared to be OK but a few weeks later it happened again. This time a different bacteria, sensitive to only one antibiotic, so treatment started and again the problem was solved, or so we thought. A few weeks down the track and bingo, that pesky infection was back again but I’m an unusual hound so again a different bacteria, back on different antibiotics.

My foster carer and the Vet decided it was time to investigate a lot more in-depth. X-rays showed I had some arthritis in my spine and we thought maybe that was stopping my bladder from emptying properly. I also had an ultrasound which showed that I had a pesky polyp right at the neck of my bladder that was preventing me from emptying properly and was causing reoccurring infections. All quite embarrassing and uncomfortable. MUM (my let’s say my surrogate mum / foster carer) had a suspicion that I was also a bit incontinent.

It was decided to do an endoscopy and after that I had to have bladder surgery to remove the polyp and get it tested. It was feared that it may be cancerous but they didn’t tell me that at the time.

I came through the surgery and recovery with flying colours and in a week we got the all clear that it wasn’t cancerous, yay! However, we did find out that I most likely have had a chronic bladder issue for some time. Wish I could have told them that but I can’t speak English, only dog.

Unfortunately it is confirmed that I am incontinent but only at certain times, mainly on my bed which my foster care manages very well. We are trying different medications to see if we can get it under control, sure hope so and mum took another sample in today to see how the infections are going now that everything is flowing better.

My mum says I’m so easy to look after and a joy to have around. I tried hard to be as good as I can and this living inside business is crazy good. I even have 4 other pupsters to hang with and 2 kitties who are smart enough not to run otherwise they might be fun to have a game of catch me if you can.

Well that’s me in a nutshell. Keep me in mind, as I do hope to be looking for my new forever home and look forward to dealing out much love to my new mum and dad. Oh, and did I say I’m a very beautiful Greyhound x with striking brindle colouring, 9yrs old and an unusual short tail?