Bronze Dogs

Nov 20, 2011

Bronze dogs in this category have sound temperaments but will have some quirks that need ironing out by their new family. Bronze dogs are usually active and require daily training and guidance by their new owner. Bronze dogs may be dogs that have had a difficult start in life as they may have never received any training, been neglected, under socialised or even abused. Bronze dogs can also be some of the most rewarding dogs to adopt.
A Bronze dog may suit you/your family if you:

* have access to and be willing to seek professional training advice if required (such as one on one training)

* have solid 5 foot minimum fences

* can provide daily exercise and daily training for your new dog

* have owned more than one dog before or completed training with previous dogs

* have another dog in your home that has no behaviour problems

* do not have young children in your home

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