Feb 6, 2019

Breed: Magnificent spotted pupperoni Catahoula mix? Size: Medium Age: about 6 months  
Contact: Bec,, 0402 178 948
Activity: Moderate to high

Thank you for considering an ARF dog. Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

Kira is assessed as being in the Silver category in our Perfect Match system and will be desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and available for $350 (incl GST) once her quarantine and vet work are completed.

Kira's pound mug shot

Kira’s pound mug shot

Kira came into foster care recently from the Queanbeyan Pound.

Like most young dogs, she is full of beans and enthusiastic about everything. Similar to a toddler Kira tests things by putting them in her mouth – but then often tears them into little pieces. This is great for recycling, but does require extra vigilance for more important items in your house. This love of demolition (she’s the opposite of Bob the Builder!) is well-managed by providing an ongoing supply of old boxes, papers, and fluffy toys for her to enjoy (aka destroy).

Kira takes her work as a book reviewer very seriously

Kira takes her work as a book reviewer very seriously

Kira is a happy, affectionate dog and loves snuggling on the couch including resting her head on your shoulder. Despite her size she will try to sit in your lap, and often sits on or snuggles up with the foster carers own dog (desexed male 2yo), who she gets along well with. Her foster carer has given a strong recommendation to keep your mouth closed when snuggling as Kira often goes in for a kiss when you’re least expecting it.

kira - 4

In her first weeks in foster care Kira has had some exciting adventures. She learnt to use the dog door, had a bath (8/10, enjoyed it, would do again), went for some car rides (7/10, was OK but not heaps of fun), and met some of the household appliances:

Vacuum cleaner: 9/10, makes great noise, would meet again
Blower vac: 8/10, makes good noise, but doing me too much of blow-wave
Broom: 10/10, good for chasing, would eat again
Garden hose: 9/10, much cool, so wow

kira - 3

Kira has also met other animals – she responded well to other dogs but wasn’t so sure about cows, and is yet to meet any cats. Kira loves meeting new people and soaks up the affection from young and old, male and female alike. She is sometimes a bit enthusiastic and impolite in her greetings, including pushing her foster brother out of the way to get more pats, but she’s working on this.

kira - 1

Kira seems to have some basic training as she mostly sits on command and walks well on lead. She is being crate trained but prefers to sleep on her doggy bed or a human bed (but best of all on top of the human). She is toilet-trained but has had a couple of accidents.

Kira doesn’t bark much, mostly when strangers approach the house or she is annoyed that her foster brother won’t play with her. Kira has not jumped the front picket fence, but has jumped the side colourbond gate which is of a similar height (1.5m). For this reason, her owners will need solid and tall fences.

Kira is a lovely young dog that would fit well into most families, however her exuberance may be too much for families with young children or frail adults. Please note: Kira is a working dog breed and therefore very smart and energetic, and easily bored, which leads to destruction. She will work best with families that can provide her lots of exercise and activities to keep her brain working – doggy daycare could also be suitable. A large yard and suitable doggy companion are also highly recommended.

Sometimes it's just too exhausting being a foster dog

Sometimes it’s just too exhausting being a foster dog